6 Reasons Why We All Need The Great British Bake Off

by Emily
6 Reasons Why We All Need The Great British Bake Off

The world may be in turmoil, but it’s highly reassuring to have The Great British Bake Off back in our lives. But what makes the show so special?

Here are 6 reasons why we all need The Great British Bake Off:

1. Everything is better with baked goods

Whatever the occasion, things are usually better with baked goods. That’s why weddings and birthdays have cakes, and even funerals usually have a good spread! Plus coffee breaks, visiting your Granny… there’s no time when something baked would be inappropriate. Just watching other people baking can make the world a better place.

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2. It’s what’s on the inside that counts

We all dream of making Paul’s Lion bread, Kim-Joy’s fox cake or Steven’s BLT illusion cake. But when it comes down to bakes that look nice versus bakes that taste great, the taste wins every time. So remember that when it comes down to it, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

3. The feel-good moments

Every contestant is pushing themselves, and giving it a shot – and even when they don’t make it to the grand finale, we’re right there on the journey with them.

I’m never gonna put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never gonna say I can’t do it. I’m never gonna say ‘maybe’. I’m never gonna say, ‘I don’t think I can.’ I can and I will.

– Nadiya Hussein

4. There’s always time for a sense of humour

Arguably having a sense of humour is even more important when things go wrong. Even if the 180 people who launched official complaints about the first episode of the new season didn’t agree. Bake Off is a reminder that even if everything is going wrong, or even if you’re Paul Hollywood and you’re trying to keep an intimidating persona, you can still have a giggle now and again.

5. It’s often not as bad as you think

How many times has someone had a meltdown mid-bake, or dropped something on the floor, or had every possible thing go wrong, and still get compliments from the judges? Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. But it’s often not as bad as you think – you just need a little confidence. And remember NOT to point out all the flaws other people might not notice.

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6. When you need help, people will be there for you

Some competitions are full of contestants saying ‘I’m not here to make friends’. But what’s wrong with being nice to people?

One of the best things about Bake Off is that as soon as people finish, they rush over to help anyone who’s running behind. And even when everyone’s rushed off their feet, there’s always a Mel, Sue, Noel, Sandy or Matt there to hug you, crack a joke, and tell you to power on through.

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