8 Amazing Irish Candles To Make Your Home Smell Like A Dream

by Emily
8 Amazing Irish Candles To Make Your Home Smell Like A Dream

There’s nothing like lighting a scented candle or two to set the mood. And that’s true whether you want peace, relaxation, or something a little more romantic! 

But not all candles are created equal – look out for sustainably sourced ingredients, soy wax rather than paraffin, and natural fragrances. They’re likely to last longer, burn more evenly and smell incredible!

While treating yourself or a loved one, you could also treat an independent business with your support. Read on for 8 amazing Irish candle companies to make your home smell like a dream:

Ochre Candles

Handmade in small batches in Dublin, Ochre candles are created with 100% soy wax and essential oils. Available from Etsy and reuzi, each candle comes with a reusable jute sack – they could make a great present if you’re willing to share. 

Emma’s So Naturals

Emma’s So Naturals candles are made with pure renewable 100% natural soybean oil, biodegradable soy wax, and the purest Essential Oils – a favourite is their Basil Lime and Mandarin for a clean fresh fragrance. The range also includes handmade soaps, wax melts and gift sets as well as candles, so a great start if you’re looking for a present for someone. Available from emmas.ie.

Max Benjamin

Max Benjamin may be one of the larger Irish candle companies, but they’re still family-owned. Their candles, diffusers and refills are handmade in the workshop in Wicklow. A personal favourite is the Dodici, nicknamed ‘the mandle’ in my house because it has the scent of an incredibly attractive man. Max Benjamin is available from Brown Thomas and maxbenjamin.ie.

The Irish Chandler

I know you’re not meant to judge products by their packaging, but it’s tempting with this Co. Clare brand. The Irish Chandler’s candles are hand-poured using 100% soy wax and a cotton wick. I love their evocative names such as The Cottage Hedge Candle, and The Bunch of Thyme Candle. Available from theirishchandler.com.

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Soilse (meaning light or brightness in Irish) is a great name for a candle brand. Created in Dundalk, Soilse candles are hand-poured with 100% soy wax, and infused with a unique blend of essential oil-based fragrances that are all naturally produced and environmentally friendly. Visit soilsecandlecompany.ie.

The Bearded Candlemakers

Fan of tin candles? You’ll love the range from The Bearded Candlemakers, which are handmade in Belfast. They’re made with ethically sourced soy wax and pure cotton wicks. Plus the candles are 10% fragrance (compared to an industry standard of between 3 – 7%. As well as individual candles, the brand also offers wax melts, workshops, and subscription packages. Find them at www.thebeardedcandlemakers.com.


Founded in 2014, Candella creates handcrafted candles in Kildare, using the highest quality pure soy wax, recycled glass from wine bottles, wooden or lead-free cotton wicks, and skin safe fragrances blended with essential oils. Visit candela.ie.

Dalkey Aromatics

Dalkey Aromatics has a great range including glass tumbler or tin candles, wax melts, room spritzers, and scent diffusers. Made in Dalkey (unsurprisingly), they use the finest natural ingredients, including 100% natural biodegradable soy wax, pure cotton or wooden wicks, essential oils, and premium fragrances. Scents include ‘White Pear & Freesia’ and ‘Irish Soda Bread’. You can find them at www.dalkeyaromatics.ie.

What are your favourite candle brands? I’d love to hear.

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