Everyday Adventures: Take A Trip To Poolbeg Lighthouse

by Emily

At the weekend it’s far too easy to chill out and hibernate at home, but why not take a walk to blow off the cobwebs? There’s nothing like feeling the sun on your face and the breeze (but not too much breeze) in your hair, and a great place to enjoy this is the Great South Wall in Dublin, walking out into the sea to Poolbeg Lighthouse.

Starting near the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys, the wall extends four kilometres out into Dublin Bay (and was the longest sea wall in the world when it was first built), with Poolbeg Lighthouse a great target to aim for.

But most importantly, it gives stunning views toward Howth in one direction, and Dun Laoghaire and beyond in the other, with ships coming and going and the occasional seal stopping by. There are even swimmers braving the cold at times. Plus it’s a nice easy walk if the wind is facing in the right direction!

The only time I’ve seen it uncomfortably busy is New Year’s Day when everyone else clearly had the same idea of starting 2020 with a walk in the sunshine – the rest of the time there’s parking at a few points from Pigeon House Road, or those with a sense of ambition can walk from Sandymount. It’s paved so might be very bumpy, but still wheelchair or pushchair friendly.

And you’ll be pleased to hear there was only once when we saw waves breaking over the path. It was clearly a high spring tide, and really just added to the sense of adventure (but probably not advisable just in case!)

View toward Wicklow from the Great South Wall, complete with swimmer and (somewhere) a seal.
The view toward Wicklow from the Great South Wall, complete with swimmer.

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