9 Hilarious Ways In Which Babies Are Like Dogs

by Emily
8 Hilarious Ways In Which Babies Are Like Dogs

There has been a lot of talk recently about how if you made it out of lockdown without either a new baby or a new pet, then you should win a prize. But have you ever thought about how similar dogs are to babies?

Read on for 9 hilarious ways in which babies are like dogs – and remember, you shouldn’t give either up when lockdown is over and you’re returning to the office.

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1. They need to be taken for walks.

The importance of dog walks is well publicised, but I never realised the power of walking for babies too until our own recent arrival – it can stop crying, provide entertainment, or even initiate naptime, whether it’s in the pram or a carrier.

All those baby walks are excellent for the step count, but the challenge is that our little one knows when you stop, and may not be happy about it. 

2. They’ll chew on anything.

We’re not quite at this stage yet, but our baby is a fan of trying to fit his entire hand into his mouth.

3. They need to have their poo cleaned up (and seem to enjoy watching you do it.)

There’s nothing quite like the expression dogs and babies have while watching someone clean up their mess. Part thanks, part ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead cleaning up someone else’s poo’.

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4. They enjoy playing fetch… but don’t always want to give it back!

At least babies are slightly less likely to put the ball down and pee all over it. I hope.

5. They dribble… a lot.

It’s lucky babies and dogs are cute. If you have either, it’s probably best to get rid of any ‘dry clean only’ clothing or fine furnishings.

6. They make more noise when you don’t want them to.

These creatures act all sweet and innocent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sixth sense for when to add sound effects to a quiet meeting or library. Want them to make that cute noise for a video? Not a chance.

7. They look like their owners.

There’s no denying that many dogs, and babies, look like their (human) parents. The only difference is that babies are more likely to look like their dad, at least in the early days, whereas it’s more 50/50 with dogs!

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8. They need a lot of training.

At least babies eventually get more self-sufficient. Although I’m sure some dogs are just waiting for the chance.

9. They can instantly brighten your day.

Okay, so some of this list isn’t entirely complimentary to dogs or babies. But you just know that one snuggle, smile, or look can completely turn your day around. No wonder they’re so popular with strangers in the park!

Feature image by Sarah Chai via Pexels.

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